Untieing the Knot

Untieing the Knot

Consulting and Support Services from Tektroika

Consulting Services

If  You are a growing, fast-paced company without a plan to handle your IT services and costs, Tektroika will provides IT and Management Consultancy Services that offers specialized expertise to its clients in Kerala or around the globe. We offer the business or companies, consultants who concentrate on a specific project or consultants who help train and implement changes to a staff to accomplish specific goals. We analyze the clients’ needs and manage development, implementation and training until it is completed and support for life time of the business.

We have several model of Consulting in Practice.

When a business approaches Tektroika for an IT consulting or Management Consulting we analyses the business or working style and outlines the development of new systems and budgeted. We also provide full time service dedicated to the particular business where we supports Development, Implementation, maintenance, staffing, training, establishment and much more.
We also do partial consulting projects like developing a new system through management consulting, rebuilding existing systems with modern approach, Preparation of documents which leads to development, Research or data mining of company data. Advisory services, Staffing and training services etc

We have experts who has years of experience in IT Consulting and Management Consulting who has undertook many projects and lead the business to heights.

Support Services

Tektroika  provides 24/7 Technical Support, Remote Server Administration, Server Security, Linux Server Management, Windows Server Management and Helpdesk Management  to Datacenters, Hosting companies and ISPs around the world.

Also, we provide support for virtual office and Dedicated Virtual assistants support to the companies, if they want so.